About Us

We help people who are struggling to find a safe and comfy harness for their dog by supplying world-renowned ergonomic, stylish walking harnesses and accessories, along with a personal fitting service.

We have the best range of superior-quality non-aversive harnesses and harness-related accessories in Australia. All of our harnesses have been extensively tested for comfort and safety, and carefully curated for variety and value.

Our aim is to see all dogs in well-fitting, comfy harnesses that do not restrict movement or affect their natural gait/posture. Please check our testimonials page for reviews and success stories.



Life on the Hedge started in 2013, selling raw dog food and dog beds & accessories at markets around Sydney. We added Perfect Fit harnesses to our range in early 2017. Soon after that we realised that we had a passion for well-designed harnesses; there are so many badly-designed harnesses available that we decided to concentrate on sourcing ergonomically-designed walking harnesses and offering private harness fittings to make sure dogs have the right harnesses for their body shape.

We were the first Australian retailer to import Dog Copenhagen (Denmark) and anny.x (Germany). With Haqihana, Nonstop Dog Wear and Blue-9, and another exciting new brand coming soon, we now have the best range of comfortable, well-designed, non-aversive, superior-quality walking harnesses in Australia, with the next step being to design and manufacture our own walking harness right here at home.


It all started with our beautiful English Pointer Mystery Mix, Pepper. None of the harnesses at the pet store fit her properly, so we tried Perfect Fit and 'voila' - it fit!


Jenny (Pepper's mum) owns and runs Life on the Hedge. She is currently studying Canine Physiology and Anatomy with Canine Principles in the UK, as well as sitting for her certification as a Fear-Free Professional. Jenny grew up in Canberra and has spent time living in the UK and the Netherlands, and has travelled to over 50 countries. She now calls Sydney home.