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Can I buy two harnesses/components to check which one fits better, then return one for a refund?

Yes you may! Sometimes you only know which size is best when you try sizes at the same time. If you order two different sizes of harness or harness components and return one of them, we will refund you for the returned item as soon as it is received by Life on the Hedge in as-new condition including all tags and labels. Please state your intention to return one harness/component in your order notes.
Please note that due to our policy of not offering refunds, if you purchase two harnesseses/components and return both, a refund will only be processed for one. The other item will be returned to you once payment for additional postage has been received from the customer by Life on the Hedge. Please read our Returns/Exchanges Policy (under "Buying Multiples") if you need further clarification or you are welcome to email us for more information.

Can you help me figure out what size harness I should buy for my dog?

Yes, we can and we would be very happy to do so. We have 5 years experience fitting lots of breeds, and both puppies and adult dogs.

We can help you decide what harness style and size might be best for your dog, but harnesses are not an exact science! Without fitting your dog in person we cannot guarantee that a recommended size will be a perfect fit.

We sometimes suggest you purchase two harness sizes/components so you can see which one is better.

Because we carry quite a few different harness styles, we first request that customers look at each harness available and select 2 or 3 options that you think have the features that you are looking for (or harnesses that you prefer the look of). We are not able to provide sizing for every harness to each customer. (Size charts/info is available in the item descrition/pictures). If you are after particular features in a harness, we would be grateful if you could please refer to the item description before asking us for advice.

If our size suggestion does not fit your dog, Life on the Hedge will not accept any liability or financial responsibility. But we are, of course, very happy to offer exchanges. Please see our policy page for further information.

Do you offer free delivery or any discounts?

No, generally not. We may occasionally offer free delivery as a special limited-time offer. This will be advertised on our home page and on our social media channels. Our delivery price covers packing, postage and handling.
We try to keep our prices as low as we can and still have a viable business. Unfortunately we do not give discounts for buying multiple items.

Can you come to my home to fit my dog with a harness?

10 Mar 2021: Please note that our in-person fittings are not currently available. Please check back here in approximately 3 months for updates, or send us an email after 20 June 2021 to enquire if/when in person fittings will recommence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, we can! Please see our harness fitting booking page here. We can do fittings at your home (Zone 1 and Zone 2). If you would prefer to meet us at your local park for a fitting, just send us the location details in your booking form. Please note that your park must have a weather-proof area as bookings take place in all weathers. Please note our booking policy when you book your appointment. Fittings generally take between 45-60 minutes. Please tell us if your dog is anxious, shy, or touch-sensitive and needs more time, so we can allow for this and not rush things. Additional time is charged at $5 for 15 mins or part thereof. Zone 1 is Lilyfield, Balmain, East Balmain, Birchgrove, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Camperdown, Annandale, Petersham, Stanmore, Lewisham, Glebe, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Summer Hill. Zone 2 is suburbs not listed in Zone 1 above that are within 20km of Lilyfield 2040. Please use the following web site to determine if your suburb is in Zone 2: https://www.freemaptools.com/find-australian-postcodes-inside-radius.htm If you are outside Zone 2, please email us for options and costs for us to visit you. We also offer fittings at our location in Lilyfield, Sydney.

My dog seems scared of harnesses. Can you offer any guidance on how to get my dog familiar with a harness so he/she doesn't freak out when I put it on?

We will soon be offering an information sheet and short course on desensitising your dog to a harness. But first, please consult your vet if your dog develops a sudden aversion to a harness they have been fine with previously. Perhaps consider a harness that does not need to be put over your dog's head or that they don't have to lift their leg into to put it on. We are happy to spend time with you and your dog during a private harness fitting using the techniques explained in the info sheet. If more than a standard fitting time (50 minutes) is requested, an additional fitting fee will be charged to cover the additional time spent (if time permits). The fee will be agreed and paid before commencement of the additional time.

Can I order a harness colour/size/style that is not in stock?

Our harnesses are very popular and they come in a very wide variety of styles, colours and sizes. We try to keep at least one of each item/colour in stock but we can't always guarantee this due to popularity and/or stock availability at the manufacturer. We are happy to accept requests, however due to stock fluctuations there may be a long wait (sometimes up to or over 3 months) if a particular item is not in stock at the manufacturer. 1/12/20: Please note that currently there may be an extended wait if a supplier is experiencing material shortages and shipping delays due to COVID-19. Special orders may require payment at the time of order. We reserve the right to refuse an order. Please note that we may not be able to offer exchanges for items that are not one of our standard stocked products. Please email us to discuss.

Have a question that is not covered here? ...

Please send us a message via our contact us form and we will do all we can to answer/help :-)

Who is Life on the Hedge?

Life on the Hedge is a little business doing big things! We are passionate about well-made, ergonomic harnesses. We (Jenny and Michael) have a keen interest in R+ & force-free dog training, and canine nutrition. We are proud to have found some fabulous business partners and want to help spread the word about what they are doing. Our dog's name is Pepper. She is a 9 year old rescued English Pointer X Kelpie and she is both a joy and a challenge every day.

Where are the fitting guides for Perfect Fit?

The Perfect Fit breed chart and girth size table can be downloaded from our Info/Resources page. Please contact us if you are unsure of sizing or if you need further assistance.

What is the size difference between all of the Perfect Fit components?

There is a (long) answer coming soon! In the meantime there are some pictures comparing the components in the item listings on the Perfect Fit shop page. You can also refer to the breed chart on the Info/Resources page.

How do I know if a harness is a good fit?

The proof will be in the walking, but these are a few of the things we look for:
We like to see the girth strap sitting nice and straight from the top of the harness down past the ribs and under the bottom of the chest. If the girth strap pulls forward into the front legs it may rub at the elbows. The girth should be at least 1-2cm back from the front legs. but not behind the ribs (not applicable to "houdini" girth straps). Two or three flat fingers should fit under the straps. The girth should hold on to the body and not swivel around independently. The front should be snug but not too tight. If using the front leash attachment point, the front will always move somewhat - if it doesn't, it's too tight (imagine wearing a belt that is really, really tight ... very uncomfortable!). Ideally the front d-ring should sit just near the prosternum (the top of the sternum bone) and avoid sensitive areas like trachea and thyroid. If possible, you want the head hole to be smaller than your dog's head so there is no chance of the harness slipping off. If the harness is designed to be put on over the dog's head, you may need to make it bigger when you put it on then tighten it. If there is a side opening, you can adjust the hole size to fit nicely then open the clip to take the harness off and on around the neck rather than going over the head. The straps on each side should be adjusted equally so the harness is nicely balanced and sits on the middle of the dog's back, neck and tummy. It's important to remember this harness is for both you and your dog, not just for you. The harness should have the features that you are looking for that will help both of you, but we recommend not getting distracted by what the harness looks like aesthetically. Noting our exchange policy, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to go on a little 5 minute test walk to see how the harness performs and to find out if it's right for your dog.

Where are you located?

We are in Sydney's inner west. Please note that picking up your online order in person is generally not a service we are able to provide.

Can any of your harnesses be used as a car harness?

None of our walking harnesses are crash-tested or impact-rated, so we do not recommend using them as a car harness. However, all of our harnesses comply with most Australian legislation for restraining your dog in the car, when used with a crash-tested seat belt attachment. Please check guidelines in your state/territory. If you are after a car harness, we recommend All Safe, Sleepypod, Ruffwear Loadup and Ezydog Drive. Or consider a crash-tested car crate like the Variocage.

Why don't you sell "no-pull" harnesses?

We don't believe that a harness (or any tool for that matter) should be relied upon to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. However, a well-fitting, ergonomically-designed, comfy harness can help your dog to feel balanced and secure, which may help them concentrate more on what you are asking of/teaching them. Almost all of the so-called "no-pull" harnesses that we have seen, work by making the dog uncomfortable (eg, cinching, constricting, putting the dog off balance, pulling their front legs off the ground). Almost all of them also seem to potentially restrict movement by having straps across the chest, shoulders or both. We believe these types of harnesses are uncomfortable at best and they are not what we want to promote at Life on the Hedge. A good walking harness is an adjunct to loose leash walking training, and will generally not work as a stand-alone solution to pulling on the leash. Having said that, we have testomonials from people telling us that their dog pulled much less as soon as they were wearing a comfy harness! Please contact us if you need tips or assistance with loose leash walking training, or refer to our partners page if you are looking for a qualified, experienced, force-free trainer.

How long will it take you to respond to my email/message?

We aim to repond to your message within 48 hours; we often respond sooner than that, but sometimes it might be 3 or 4 working days before we can respond to your enquiry. Please understand that Life on the Hedge is a small business and we have families and other committments, and quite a few orders to send out every day! Please be patient with us - we will respond to you as soon as we possibly can :-)

What's the best way to contact you?

Email is our preferred method of communication - info [at] lifeonthehedge [dot] com [dot] au You can also use the contact form on our web site home page. We prefer that you don't contact us via text messages or WhatsApp, or Facebook/ Messenger, as messages can easily get lost.


E: info@lifeonthehedge.com.au


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