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Health, safety & comfort for your dog

Perfect Fit harness is a three piece system that can fit virtually any dog.

The modular design ensures a secure and snug fit. Each piece can be purchased individually to accommodate growth.

Fleece-lined to protect a dog’s skin; calming for excitable dogs.

Front and back lead attachment points (note use of double-ended
lead is necessary when using front d-ring.)

Put on over head or around neck. Multiple adjustment points.

Stainless steel rings. Machine washable.

See how to buy instrictions below and see the size guide on the Info/Resources page.

How to buy a Perfect Fit harness:

1. Determine what width harness you require

(TY, 15, 20, 40) by consulting the sizing guide (found here).

2. Add one of each component as recommended on the breed chart (Top, Front, Girth) to your basket. All components must be the same width to ensure clip sizes match.

3. Add other goodies to your cart as required ;-)

4. Check out!

Please contact us if your dog is between sizes or if you need help sizing your dog.

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