Anny.x 'Protect' harness.


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anny.x 'Protect'

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  • The Anny.x "Protect" harness is ergonomically designed creating optimal distribution of any pressure, which protects your dog’s back and neck when using the lead attach point at the back of the harness.

    The anny.x Protect features super bright coloured fabrics that comply with the European warning protection standard EN 471.

    Adjustable at 4 points with two quick-release buckles providing comfortable access over the head.

    The long strap from the chest and between the legs means the girth sits the perfect distance away from the front legs, so that the armpits are spared.

    The Anny.x Protect harness has super comfortable padding made from air-permeable foam encased in a polyester fabric, which is slightly softer than the Cordura used for the anny.x 'Fun' harness, so the Protect harness is extra great for dogs with sensitive skin/fur.

    Anny.x harnesses are great for swimming. The fabrics naturally absorb water, but dry very quickly and will not warp when wet. If worn in salt water, a short hand wash afterwards is sufficient. 

    Please see photos for sizing chart, or click here for sizing instructions.
    (Halsumfang = neck size; Brustumfang = girth measurement; Rückenlänge = back length; Bruststeglänge = sternum to girth)