Hemp rope toys from Betty Woof, Switzerland.

Betty Woof Hemp Rope Toys

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  • Betty Woof organic hemp rope toys are hand made in Zurich, Switzerland, using NO glues, NO dyes, NO chemicals and NO pesticides, by Elli, and Betty the mini Australian shepherd.


    The toys are completely non-toxic, eco-friendly and naturally mould resistant.  Once the toy is past its playable life, just toss it in the compost pile!


    These hemp toys have a natural, earthy smell which dogs love and depending on the dogs preference, they like to chew on it too. But don't worry, the dog toy is absolutely organic and you don't have to worry about any toxic substances.


    Multi-tug: Monkey fist knot + 4 tails.

    Gallows: One loop + runing knot + 2 tails.

    Screwdriver: Running knot + tail each side.

    Monkey fist: One loop + round knot end.

    Dummy: Plait + frayed end.


    Always supervise your dog while playing and replace toys when worn out.


    Betty Woof and Life on the Hedge align in their support of force-free, fear-free and pain-free positive reinforcement training methods.