Curli Car Safety Belt (30cm or 60cm)

Curli Car Safety Belt

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  • The story behind Curli's car safety belt stems from their experience  in mountain sports ... they designed a system with a safety locking carabiner that can be used with a vehicle seat belt or a child safety anchor/isofix. Used in combination with a curli (or other) harness, it provides a safe and secure solution for short distances, and satisfies Australian guidelines for restraining your dog in the car.

    • Adjustable length to 30cm for varying range of movement. (Also available in 60cm length on special order)
    • Extra secure twist lock, heavy duty aluminum carabiner
    • Heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum carabiner.

    Belt: Nylon / Snap Hook: Alloy
    Hand wash only.

    Important note #1: This product is strong and well-designed, however it is not crash-tested or impact-rated. This does not mean it is not safe to use to restrain your dog in the car, but we always recommend pets are secured in a crash-tested car safety harness/crate/belt where possible.

    Important note #2: We stock the >30cm length curli car belt. The >60cm version is available on special order. Note that in the event of a crash a longer tether means the dog can be thrown further. (Long tethers are not recommended by crash-test facilities.) We recommend the 60cm belt be only used for dogs who require more room to move while in the car.

    Important note #3: We do not recommend leaving a dog alone in the car, particularly in the summer. A car rapidly becomes like an oven in the heat. If you must leave your dog alone in the car for a maximum of 4-5 minutes, please park in the shade and use a portable battery powered fan, and leave the windows down a little.