Authentic Karen Pryor i-clicker with Life on the Hedge branding, in 4 different colours with 2 different wrist straps included in a velvet pouch.


GST Included
  • Authentic Karen Pryor Life on the Hedge branded soft i-Click in a grey velvet pouch.

    Revolutionary in design and function the original i-Click™ clicker was designed by the trainers at Karen Pryor Clicker Training to provide the next generation tool for clicker training.

    A Quiet Click ... great for class situations or sound sensitive animals. 
    Timing is Everything ... the i-Click is always in a clickable position no matter how you hold it, so you never miss a click.
    Perfectly Sized ... the i-Click is small enough to be hidden in your palm, so you don't need to worry about it becoming a visual cue.
    Balanced Clicking ... the trigger is designed so only a small amount of pressure is needed to click, but can't easily be clicked early or mistakenly.
    Everyone Can Click ... the i-Click is disabled-friendly and can be strapped to a wheelchair and clicked with your palm or chin.

    Each i-Click from Life on the Hedge comes with one coil wrist strap and one adjustable cord wrist strap ...

    Red i-clicker + red coil + red reflective cord strap + grey velvet pouch
    Purple i-clicker + purple coil + purple reflective cord strap + grey velvet pouch
    Black i-clicker + black coil + black cord strap + grey velvet pouch
    Green i-clicker + green coil + grey cord strap + grey velvet pouch

    Use either wrist option, or just hold in your palm without a strap.

    The red and purple reflective cord wrist straps are great for training/walking in low light training.