Laila & Me dehydrated range - golden nuggs (chicken + golden paste) 75gr

Laila & Me Golden Nuggs

GST Included
  • 100% Aussie Chicken breast, basted in organic golden paste.

    Want to know more about golden paste or make you own? Check out this link:

    Made in Melbourne

    Chicken, Turmeric, Cracked Pepper and Coconut Oil

    Aids inflammation and circulation. Great for dogs with joint pain.

    The amazing benefits of turmeric:
    It’s a powerful antioxidant; it’s a natural and effective anti-inflammatory; it can help prevent cancer; it protects the liver from toxins. To read more and to see the scientific research behind turmeric (and it's active ingredient curcumin) click here.

    Chicken is naturally low in sodium, while offering high levels of the important but often scarce mineral selenium. Selenium is important for the health of the immune system. High levels of phosphorous are also present in lean chicken, which is vital for bone health, as well as moderate levels of zinc, copper, magnesium and iron. It is a nutritious and lean protein that most dogs love.